Photography isn’t something I ‘do’. It certainly isn’t just a job. It sits right at the heart of how I live, what I love and the choices I make. Photography and art are nothing without the people it has been made for. It’s about true connection and that’s the most rewarding experience in the world.
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A wedding is a story of two people in love. It’s a celebration that’s shared with family and friends and which will be remembered forever. Your wedding story deserves to be told beautifully, so that it brings laughter, smiles and tears for many years to come.

I’ll be everywhere and nowhere, photographing moments that you will have seen along with those you will not. I’ll build a story that flows and where each photograph stands alone as a work of art. I want you to fall in love with the photographs, because that’s the place your wedding photographs should bring you to. Let me bring this to your special day.

I genuinely care about each and every wedding, because it’s as unique as you are. You can be assured of my absolute dedication, sensitivity and creative energy – it’s the least I can give you. I always work to exceptional standards, which is why I have received international recognition for my photography year on year.

Coverage isn’t limited to ‘only’ 8 hours and I don’t offer half-day packages. Why? Because I’d miss so many beautiful moments, which means you would too. I average 10-14 hours per wedding, because it’s important to me to share the full story, with all the emotions entailed!  Why do less when you love what you do?  

Would you like to know more about Tom the Person? Alternatively, feel free to say hello and tell me about your wedding. I don't speak 'sales talk' and I'm a friendly chap!