Vicky & Ross @ Thornton Manor Waterside Pavillion

I had a fantastic time photographing Vicky & Ross's wedding at Thornton Manor's Waterside Pavilion. Grey blue clouds hung onto the horizon for much of the day, but provided lovely subdued light for our private shoot and group photographs. The lighting on the dance floor provided plenty of challenges, but when you've got a couple this relaxed together, you know the photographs will communicate the same serenity and peace. Brides and Grooms may not realise it and perhaps I am not speaking for all wedding photographers, but there is a definite energy we tap into and work with.

The gardens at Thornton Manor Waterside Pavilion are lovely and provide a wealth of locations to use in the private shoot within a relatively short distance. This is great for the photographer and couple, as it means they're not taken away from their guests for too long. This is something I feel strongly about: it's their wedding and the photographs should reflect that and not something separate.

Vicky & Ross were an a joy to work with and it was a privilege to have been part of their new beginning. As an ex-serviceman myself, I also take great pride in seeing someone in uniform, especially when the values of service are so well reflected in the man or woman wearing it. Stay safe, Ross!