The Unitarian Church, Ullet Rd, Liverpool

Wedding photographers love beautiful wedding venues and the Unitarian Church on Ullet Road is certainly that. But it is also very dark and this is just one of the reasons why I make a point of visiting each and every wedding location well in advance. With flash not permitted, I knew it would be a challenge, but stunning weddings deserve stunning photos, no matter the technical challenges faced by the photographer.

With the ceremony over, the Bride & Groom greeted each and every guest as they exited the church. Moments like these are incredibly brief, but some of the most important of the day. The Happy Couple then stepped outside into a blizzard of confetti!

... and now onto a selection from the dance floor (which I love to photograph), where reputations are made and lost (I am talking about the guests of course)...

And finally, here's an example of the photographs that are one can't plan for, or seek out. You either see them or you don't. The Bride's dress train was lit on the left side by cool blue dusk window light and warm orange light from the wall lanterns on the right.