Wouldn't it be nice if pricing was completely transparent?  

Well, I find the idea of hidden prices as mystifying as you likely do. Planning weddings can be stressful and budgets are real. Besides, making things easier and clearer for you does the exact same thing for me!

I have one very simple package (£1095), which includes:

  • Coverage from bridal preparations through to after the first dance.
  • Approx. 300+ fully-edited, high resolution images on a USB memory stick supplied in a presentation box. Each wedding is different, so the exact number of photos varies, but it is often north of 400. I will also supply the same images in a lower resolution format for easier social media sharing.
  • The right to share and print your images as you wish. This means you can go to anyone for prints, or albums, at any time you wish.

Please bear in mind that prices are currently moving upwards and dates book quickly. If there's something additional you'd like that's not covered above, just let me know. 

Album pricing is available upon request, but I can provide Jorgensen albums starting at £250. They're beautiful, made to last using high quality materials, and pass the 'photographer test'. We're fussy people and you would not want to try to hang an exhibition with me, so the fact that I'd be happy putting my own photos into the same albums should tell you something. 

Prints? Yes, prints. Anyone can make prints, can't they? Well, sort of... but not all prints are created equal. I've spent years making exhibition prints that have been exhibited and sold to collectors around the world. There's a lot of skill and experience involved and you'd be surprised at what a difference there can be. If I shoot your wedding and there's an image you'd like printing to the highest possible standard for framing, just let me know.